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Baking - Powders, Mixes

Bulk Food Items
BULK Pails
Imitation flavored drinks, unless noted otherwise.
Emergency/72 Hour Kit Supplies
Delicious Entree's formulated for long term food storage. Contain TVP and other dehydrated products.
NEW instant meals and soups. Just add boiling water! Ready in minutes.
Extracts / Food Colorings 1, 2 and 4 fluid oz bottles.
First Aid
Food Storage
Fruit Dried with heat applied while moisture is drawn out. Maintains calorie content and has a nice chewy texture. Can be re-hydrated easily and stores long term.
Fruit flash frozen and then heat applied while the moisture is slowly drawn out. Fruit maintains vitamin content, has a crispy texture and is low calorie.
Bosch - Back to Basic - Kitchen Crop - Sun Oven - Magic Vac Sealer - Smoothie - Volcano Stoves - Country Living Grain Mill - Family Grain Mill - Nutra-Mill - Wonder Mill

Legumes - (Beans)
Meat Substitutes such as TVP
Milk/Soy Milk
Mountain House #10 Cans
Mountain House Pouches

Spices, Small Size Bottle (4 fluid oz)
Spices, Small-Tall Size Bottle (8 fluid oz)
Spices Gourmet Size Bottle (16 fluid oz)
Spices Quart Size Bottle (32 fluid oz)

Vegetables - Dehydrated
Vegetables - Freeze Dried
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We specialize in food storage and emergency preparedness. Our Country Cream® Milk products have long been sought after for food storage and Country Cream® Soy Milk for the lactose intollerant.